About the Author

I was born in Connecticut in 1957.

I grew-up on both coasts and in Europe.

I live in the New York City Metropolitan area.

I’ve made a living as a hotdog vendor at professional ball games, and as a carpenter, and as a cabinet maker, and as a building contractor, and as an executive at a big corporation, and as a writer, and as a photographer, and as a commercial real estate broker, and as the owner of a Midtown Manhattan real estate brokerage, which I still own and operate. I am now trying to find a manufacturer for an invention I’ve patented while I try to secure patents for other inventions.

In high school I promised myself that I would publish a book before I die. At least two-thirds of my life is past. Accordingly, I have named this blog “The Final Third.” This is where I am collecting my writings as a first step to keeping that promise to myself.

One thought on “About the Author

  1. You popped up on my FB “people you may know” again.
    Love the blog and hoping things are well. Just over a year since running into you. Would love to catch up .

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